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The Patheous Health Advantage

Patheous Health brings better feeding and swallowing healthcare to your patients through our mobile, on-site swallowing studies.

With over 15 million cases diagnosed each year, dysphagia has been called a “geriatric giant” due to its disproportionate impact on senior healthcare and prevalence within the over-65 population.



On time, every time:

Our physician and speech pathologist care team will be on-site within 1-3 business days.

Supportive to your bottom line:

Our studies are 2-3 times less costly than hospital studies and improve staff efficiency.


Studies are performed inside your facility and aligned with your patient’s condition and schedule.


We guarantee that our team and procedures will comply with your safety and infection programs.

PDPM aligned: 

Our timely service ensures you capture diagnostic documentation before your patient’s ARD.


One hundred percent of Patheous Health swallow studies are reviewed and interpreted by a licensed third-party radiologist.

Focused on the care team:
Our SLP teams will engage and consult with your entire care team before, during and after the study.


As an ASHA-certified CEU provider, we provide in-service training for continuing and/or staff education.

Service Coverage
Over 500 active senior care clients

  • Patheous Health is the nation's largest geographic mobile 'MBS' dysphagia diagnostics provider.

  • Formerly known as MBS Envision, Patheous Health has been serving our senior care clients since 1998.

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