MBS Studies

Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBS)


The modified barium swallow study is a widely used videofluoroscopic evaluation of the functional anatomy and physiology of swallowing that permits visualization of bolus flow throughout the upper aerodigestive tract in real time.

The goal of the MBS is to:

  • identify and distinguish the presence, type, and estimated severity of physiological swallowing impairment;
  •  determine the safety and efficiency of oral intake;
  • detail the effects of frontline interventions on swallowing physiology, airway protection, and efficiency;
  •  develop targeted, therapeutic interventions when appropriate for the clinical condition of the patient;
  • develop intake and nutritional management plans.

Patheous Health Approach

Our trained and certified MBS team provides onsite imaging studies at your facility, using the gold-standard videofluoroscopic system and an in-facility or mobile clinic setting.  Our patient-centric focused MBS team includes a speech-language pathologist (SLP) and a physician or physician assistant.  Our physicians always complete a history and physical exam of the patient before the swallow study.  During the exam, the patient is in a seated position and our SLP works in conjunction with the physician during the 30-minute swallowing exam.

Patheous Health mobile MBS imaging benefits:

  • Timely onsite exams – we can be at your facility within one – three days.
  • Patient comfort – no need for transport to an imaging center that increases patient risk and deteriorate exam quality
  • We bring our high-quality study supplies and food kits – your facility does not need to provide any supplies or food.
  • Same day exam reports and a consultative approach that works with your clinical team.
  • Lower cost than hospital imaging – benchmark data indicates our MBS exam is 2x – 3x lower cost than hospital imaging.