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March 28, 2024

Patheous Health, Inc. Unveils Comprehensive Rebranding Initiative

Overland Park, KAN – Patheous Health, Inc., The integrated dysphagia healthcare company, proudly announces a transformative consolidation and rebranding of its subsidiary companies. The Company’s well-known brands Carolina Speech Pathology, Superior View Swallowing Diagnostics, Midwest Dysphagia Diagnostics, MBS Advantage, and TwinCities Medical Mobile will operate collectively as Patheous Health.

This is a strategic move for Patheous Health, aligning with its core mission to deliver integrated dysphagia healthcare through a comprehensive mobile dysphagia imaging and education platform to clients and their patients. By consolidating resources and expertise under a single brand, the company aims to streamline operations, enhance services, and further solidify its position as a leader in dysphagia healthcare.

“We are pleased to announce this milestone of our company under the Patheous Health brand and the launch of our new website,” remarked Michael Peck, CEO and Co-founder of Patheous Health. “This initiative emphasizes our commitment to providing exceptional mobile and comprehensive dysphagia healthcare. By uniting our resources and expertise, we are equipped to fulfill our mission of educating, improving dysphagia healthcare outcomes, expanding access to care, and driving down costs.”

Correy Trupp, COO and Co-founder noted, “This marks a significant step in our journey as we leverage our advanced solutions, fleet of mobile clinics, and clinical talent to deliver unparalleled client and patient dysphagia healthcare.”

Patheous Health remains dedicated to advancing dysphagia healthcare and improving patient outcomes. For more information about Patheous Health and its comprehensive range of mobile dysphagia services, including FEES Studies, MBS Studies, education and mentorship, please visit

About Patheous Health, Inc

Patheous Health, Inc. is a leading integrated mobile dysphagia healthcare company committed to delivering comprehensive solutions to their clients and their patients.  Through a strategic blend of expertise and innovation, Patheous Health aims to improve dysphagia healthcare options, increase access to care, provide education and mentorship and lower costs.  With a unified approach under the Patheous Health brand, the company stands at the forefront of the healthcare industry driving positive change and improving patient outcomes.

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