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Modified Mondays: Normal Swallow Video

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Here’s something very unusual! Something we just don’t see every day. Something we are maybe not familiar enough with… a nice, normal swallow! This is a beautiful example of a normal swallow, with excellent imaging of the dentition, hyoid, epiglottis, and even the superior horns of the thyroid cartilage. And some very classy earrings. As students, we don’t typically get the instruction in normal swallowing that we need, as clinicians, we don’t get to see a whole lot of normal swallows. What’s a an SLP to do? How do we compare a disordered swallow to what the patient “should” look like, if we don’t have a solid background in normal? There are actually some really excellent courses on this very topic, here a link to a really comprehensive one:

Also check this out:

PS-to help you with this clip: there are around 5 presentations of thin first, then one nectar, three of puree, then a cookie (Lorna Doone, of course!)

PPS-I love this video so much that I had a mouse pad made with the image! 

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