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Modified Mondays: Mendelsohn Maneuver Video

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Find a more beautiful Mendelsohn, I’ll wait…. Here is just a perfect example of a Mendelsohn under fluoro that also just happened to be effective at improving airway closure during the swallow and prevented aspiration in this delightful patient. The Mendelsohn has been used as both a compensatory strategy and a rehabilitative exercise for many years, although research regarding its effectiveness and potential for maladaptive swallowing patterns is still ongoing. (Another great reason to keep up with your journal reading.) For this patient, it turned out to be very valuable, as she was able to use it successfully to enjoy a glass of non-thickened wine very shortly after this study. (I decided it was worth sticking around to watch the celebration, a luxury I don’t always get in my #mobilembsslplife). 

Here’s a link to a paper that describes the Mendelsohn, as well as some research into it’s use as an exercise. 

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