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Modified Mondays: Is that...what I think it is?

When our Cleveland market SLP sent me a picture of this study from the field, I was a bit speechless, then thankful that we were able to be there for the patient.

Patient presented clinically with cough with PO, increased over the last few days, and complaints of feeling like something was stuck in their throat “all the time”.The patient already had an nasogastric tube in place, and the medical team was considering pulling the ng and going ahead with NPO and a PEG placement, especially given the worsening symptoms. An MBS was ordered, and our MBS SLP discovered that the patient’s ng tube had actually gotten coiled up in the patient’s pharynx. You can see the extra loop pretty easily in this clip.

I was extra thankful that we were able to catch this before the facility sent the patient out to have the ng pulled. Pulling a misplaced ng tube can result in injury, which makes my throat hurt just thinking about it. Oof. 

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