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Modified Mondays: A Refreshingly Dull Study

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

This study is actually not very interesting. (Unless you count the carotid plaque-it’s a great example of that, see below for a link on this. There’s also a decent size cervical osteophyte - check our prior MM for info on that.) What makes this patient Modified Monday worthy is the clinical evaluation that noted temperature “spikes” while patient was on thin liquids, that “resolved” when patient was downgraded to nectar.

Thankfully, an instrumental assessment was then ordered shortly after. No significant s/s were noted in the clinical eval, other than the patient complaints of pills getting “stuck”. Body temperature (as many of us have probably experienced lately, since we are all getting our temperature taken so often) can fluctuate widely throughout the day, even more so with exercise, eating, and being in and out of the weather. (Mine fluctuated between 98.7 and 96.5 today, and first registered 93 when I came inside from the freezing Ohio morning.) Additionally, the range of acceptable error on a thermometer can be =/- .5. Temperature spikes are just not reliable enough to even be a tool in your toolbox, let alone be used to justify a diet change.

PS, this patient was very happy to be upgraded back to thin liquid. See link below for more!

Carotid Artery Disease: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment (

What can make my body temperature change? (

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