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AdvoCATing for Instrumentals: Show them what ya got!

While WE know the evidence behind recommending instrumentation, we can’t always expect other professionals to just take our word for it. Especially when they may have worked with other SLPs in the past that were saying something different. It’s really important that we take a step back from ego sometimes and recognize that it’s not a bad thing to be questioned. Having someone question you about your recommendations is a fantastic opportunity to educate!

Taking extra time to show where these crazy ideas about imaging the swallow come from can facilitate the acceptance of other professionals that we do, in fact, know what we are talking about. Consider putting together a presentation for staff on the evidence backing up the need for instrumentation in swallowing (visuals of silent aspiration are particularly great-see our #ModifiedMonday blog for an upcoming video example to share), or an info sheet to post in the break room or nursing station with cited references. You could get really ambitious and host a “Dysphagia Facts Week” facility wide, showcasing all your knowledge about research in the field.

As much as we all just want to be trusted, sometimes we also need to prove our worth to our facility. It can be hard to take time to show what we got… but can save time ultimately when we don’t have to argue or beg for every single instrumental assessment we ask for.

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